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The “Farmers, Ranchers, and Gatherers of the Southwest” Project seeks to strengthen the economic sustainability of local food business enterprises of farmers, ranchers, gatherers, and artisanal food makers in southern Arizona by providing no-cost marketing strategies and resources to increase their presence in new and existing markets with an indirect, producer-to-consumer, online marketing platform and mobile application. The project goal is to provide a simple, no-cost indirect pathway for Local Food Producers (LFP) as a means to develop new marketing channels to reach consumers, retailers, institutions, culinary tourists, and restaurants. 

Project leader: ITKI Foundation
Main Partners: Pima County, Tucson City of Gastronomy; Tech Gap Solutions LLC
Partners: Visit Tucson, University of Arizona – Center of Food Studies.
Supporters: Mission Garden, Local First Arizona Foundation along with
the support and involvement of a number of Knowledge Keeper;
Advisors, such as Don Guerra with Barrio Bread;
Concept and realization: Pima County, ITKI Foundation;
Communication and graphic project: ITKI Foundation, Tech Gap
Solutions LLC (TRusT™ Team).